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AICHE job board

rebuilding the UCLA Chemical Engineering club AICHE job board for their website

Design Process

designed on figma. the initial sheet was on google sheets and listed as they were added on the google form. students found that because of the amount posted and stayed on the doc, it was difficult to navigate, and the lack of design made it feel unwelcoming.

color palette inspiration:


when clicking on the position, my idea was for the card to expand and give the viewer more information including: deadline date of the application, the day the position was added, a link to the application, a description of the position/company, and a quick link to student testimonials where past students can post their experience.

job board page-

i did research on what other job posting websites looked like and how they were navigated (such as handshake and indeed which are both platforms that the students are very familiar with). because the job/internship postings are surrounded around chemical engineering and other engineering positions, i wanted the design to be very straight forward. the less complex the better, since the request was to improve their google sheets of job postings so that it is easier to navigate. 


student testimonials page-

the student testimonials would be listed under each position, the quick link on the position card would link to the part of the page with the specific position testimonials.

submit page-

a monitored page where other AICHE members can submit job opportunities for the job board so that everything can be found on one website instead of switching from different documents and platforms.


Final Website

the design had to be altered from the original design i had mocked up due to the limitations from the website builder and the theme that the website manager had created. the website was built on wordpress. 

this can be found at

Screen Shot 2024-03-27 at 1.30.48 PM.png
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