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beyond beats

a humanistic view into the marginalization of Black artists and the cultural rejection of Hip Hop’s emergence.


creating the general layout of the website

designed on balsamiq. i laid out the general idea of what each page should look like, what they should consist of, and how the different topics should be split up. this was also a learning experience on how to use balsamiq and what a wireframe should look like. 

data sets and timeline

finding data and creating visualizations

for our data set, we studied the Billboard Top 100 songs from 1965 - 2023. from here were were able to make any data visualizations. we did research on the history of hip-hop to find different ways hip-hop was culturally rejected. along with our data visualizations, i put together a timeline of the history of hip-hop that i could embed on our website.

this visualization was made on timeline.js


putting all of our information on the website

after creating all of our research, narrative of our study, and data visualizations, we put everything on our website. we created our website using wordpress. my role in the creation of the website was to design and make the home page and to make sure the theme was consistent throughout the whole site.

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