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are you tired of your friends planning a hangout just for someone to flake? DontBeFake is a group project i was a part of for my introduction to computer science II class. my group and i decided to create a website that was a mix between social media and a shared planner. 

Main Idea

DontBeFake is a scheduling app where you can add your friends, create group schedules with them and plan events for when people are free. for the event, each person has to sign up if they are going. at the end of the event, if someone flakes on the group, everyone signed up has the choice to vote for them as being "Fake" if they do not have a valid excuse for not coming. this is a label that sticks to their profile until the group decides to vote them as no longer "Fake". this makes scheduling with groups easier since you can see when most people are free and you can hold each other accountable to their commitments. 

Design Process

designed on figma. this aesthetic and name were inspired by different popular social media sites. these sites are easily understood by many gen z kids. we wanted to keep with a more simple design since there will be a lot of information displayed and didn't want the rest of the site to be too distracting.

log in/sign up page-


groups page-

all of the groups schedules you have joined will be listen here, they can each have their own cover picture and you can create a group schedule here as well.

my schedule page-

this is where you can add your events throughout the week to see when you are busy


my friends page-

where all of your friends will be listed with their name, username, profile picture, and bio. this is also where the "FAKE" label can be seen. you can also find other friends from this page.

profile page-

where all of your information is listed and can be edited.


code and site can be found on:

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