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fashion design

creating my dream pieces through sewing, crocheting, and designing

Coming of Age Line

why can't my fantasy be my reality?

my coming of age line reflects how my childhood experiences have shaped me and still do. my concept sketches translate my fantasy daydreams into design pieces.

Concept Design Sketches

coming_of_age_line 3.png
coming_of_age_line 4.png
coming_of_age_line 6.png
coming_of_age_line 5.png
coming_of_age_line 2.png

kristina domingo

kristina domingo

kristina domingo

kristina domingo

kristina domingo

kristina domingo

- concept sketches are owned by kristina domingo and cannot be reproduced without her written permission 

The Birthday Line

a new one each year

when i was 16, i made the decision to design a new birthday dress for myself each year. like a birthday present to myself, it allows me to reflect on my progress as a seamstress and the various aesthetics that influenced me over the years. 




Custom Promotional Items

Bucket Hats

created bucket hats for a company team event.


Progress Videos

short documentation of sewing and upcycling (hover over the video to play)

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